The Inycon Foundation

We are committed to creating the organizational and business premises linked to continuing education and higher education in the field of the wine industry, typical products, food and wine tourism and related services.


A frontier between the Phoenician and Greek world, it was the laboratory of Sicilian viticulture from which the revolution of wine in the island began. Today it is one of the most known and appreciated areas for the quality of the wine story and the history that distinguishes it thanks to the commitment of some companies that have made Sicily great.

Italian City of Wine 2023

It is an award given by the National Association Città del Vino that has awarded the application dossier of "Menfi, in the heart of the Terre Sicane" and the history of this extraordinary territory.

A year of dating in the Sican lands

A calendar of events in continuous updating await tourists and visitors throughout the year not only in the territory of Menfi but also in the adjacent municipalities that celebrate the Italian City of Wine 2023.
scopri la manifestazione Inycon
Inycon is the oldest event dedicated to wine and is organized annually by the City of Menfi in June, in the occasion of the summer solstice