Italian City of Wine 2023

Along the south-western coast of Sicily, between the Doric temples of the Greek polis of Selinunte and the remains of the Hellenic Heraclea Minoa, on feraci hills sloping towards the blue of the African Sea, lies the urban center of Menfi, in the province of Agrigento. The municipal territory, extended between the valleys of the rivers Belice and Carboj, rich in varied landscapes and natural landscapes, Due to its geographical position and climatic and morphological conditions it is the ideal place for the cultivation of vines and the production of wine. In the nineties, during the beginning of modern island enology, Menfi was the laboratory of the change of Sicilian viticulture having a crucial role thanks to Cav. Diego Planeta (historical president of the Menfitana cooperative for forty years and President of the Regional Institute of Vine and Wine from 1985 to 1992) who gave impetus to the island’s viticulture and family activities, converting most of the land into vineyards and founding his company, managing to create a quality wine supply chain for the wine of the town of Belicina. Today Menfi is one of the most known and appreciated areas for the quality of the wine story and the history that distinguishes it thanks to the commitment of some companies that have made Sicily great. In 2023 Menfi was the Italian City of Wine thanks to the Jury of experts of the National Association Città del Vino that awarded the nomination dossier of "Menfi, in the heart of the Terre Sicane", succeeding Duino Aurisina (Trieste) and Barolo (CN).
The Commission, composed of President Angelo Radica and Director General of Città del Vino Paolo Corbini, and 5 other members chosen from personalities from the world of wine, territorial marketing, the University, research and journalism, took the decision unanimously. The candidacy was supported by the Inycon Foundation that has drawn up with the support of the O.T.I.E. (European Islands Tourist Observatory) the project of participation in the national call: Menfi today represents the door to the Mediterranean of the Municipalities of Sicane Lands, The Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Protection will be voting in favour. A recognition that is the example of a possible territorial collaboration between people and territories, between municipalities and businesses, between enthusiasts and experts, between professionals and young university students, all united by so much enthusiasm.
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Iter vitis

Phoenician route

Gozo business chamber


Italian Federation of Olive Oil Wine Roads and Flavors

National association women of wine


Institute of Vine and Wine

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Strada del vino terre sicane

Italian Naval League


Club of therreo product

Cultural institution Frederick II

Museum network and natural belicina

Selinunte Archaeological Park, cusa quarries and Pantelleria


Consulta del turismo Menfi



Municipality of Sambuca

Town of Santa Margherita Belice

Comune di Montevago

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