The Inycon Foundation

The Inycon Foundation aims, with an offer of high professional level, to create the organizational and business prerequisites related to continuing education and higher education in the field of the wine industry, the typical production, food and wine tourism and related services. The offer is especially aimed at young people who want to enter and qualify in these sectors, the technicians who already work there, businesses, cooperatives and local development institutions. It is a public entity participated by wineries and associations, whose purpose is to give continuity to Menfi Città Italiana del Vino 2023, performing the necessary system action to ensure aggregation and collaboration.

The aims of the Foundation:

  • the organisation and management of a centre for innovation, training and higher education, promoting the development of agriculture and related activities (products, sustainable tourism, land use);
  • the development of new professional figures and entrepreneurial skills;
  • the organisation of the coordinated image of the "territorial system";
  • the organisation of an information, consultancy and technology transfer desk and the dissemination of managerial organisational know-how;
  • to promote the dissemination of knowledge of territorial realities, both in terms of ecological and landscape aspects and in terms of historical and cultural aspects;
  • promote, more generally, a more marked presence of tourist flows, and in particular of "sustainable tourism" and therefore an indirect development of economic benefits for the operators of the tourist system, agritourism, rural tourism and the hospitality system in general;
  • encourage a more careful and direct participation of producers in local development and the enhancement of their activities;
  • promote directly and indirectly the growth of new economically viable activities and new professional figures as "agents of development" (to the global promotion of the territory);
  • the organisation of conferences,  events to promote local products,  exhibitions, exhibitions, film forums and other promotional activities;
  • the organization of travel and educational stays
  • the creation and publishing of printed and/or electronic training materials;
  • publishing activity with publication of catalogues and information materials;
  • take and adopt any initiative that is deemed useful and appropriate for the pursuit of the Foundation’s aims, including through the system of agreement with other subjects;